It was in August 1976 at the Lucerne Festival that Anne-Sophie Mutter first set foot on the world’s stage. She was thirteen at the time. The following year she made her Salzburg Whitsun Festival debut under Herbert von Karajan... more [+]


of Anne-Sophie Mutter's Debut in Japan

With the following personal words on the 35-year anniversary of her Japanese debut in 1981, Anne-Sophie Mutter addressed her audience in October 2016 directly. MORE [+]


1981年のデビュー以来、日本デビュー35周年を迎えるアンネ=ゾフィー・ムターより日本のお客様に心よりメッセージをお送りいたします。 MORE [+]


ムター・ヴィルトゥオージは、アンネ゠ゾフィー・ムター財団の奨学生と、現在はプロ奏者として活動している元奨学生によって構成されている弦楽アンサンブルである。1997 MORE [+]

The Club Album: Live from Yellow Lounge

In May 2015 Anne-Sophie Mutter put her noble, impressively named “Lord Dunn-Raven” Stradivarius through more than ist usual paces. For a change, rather than standing on stage in one of the world’s renowned well-tempered grand concert halls, she spent two evenings playing in a tiny graffiti-scrawled nightclub in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin... MORE [+]

Carnegie Hall Perspektives

As Carnegie Hall’s 2014-2015 Perspectives artist, violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter curates a six-concert, season-long series exemplifying her commitment to the future of classical music and highlighting her long-standing relationships with some of today’s greatest conductors, soloists and orchestras. more [+]

Video from the Carnegie Hall: Vivaldi with The Mutter Virtuosi MORE [+]

Silver anniversary

Mutter & Orkis celebrate

  • Two new works by Penderecki and Previn 
  • Appearances in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland
  • The "Silver Album" with two world premiere recordings

Lambert Orkis und Anne-Sophie Mutter

Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis have been playing concerts together since 1988 – from the 11th of May 2014 the two exceptional musicians will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their collaboration with concerts in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. And again they will be breaking new ground in terms of their repertoire: Mutter and Orkis are bringing two interpretations to Europe that they premiered in December 2013 in New York for the 25th anniversary of their debut in Carnegie Hall: Penderecki's "La Follia" and André Previn's Violin Sonata No. 2. In addition to... MORE [+]

Dvorák Violin Concerto

A Magical Reunion

Anne-Sophie Mutter returns to the studio with the Berlin Philharmonic for the first time in thirty years. The result, her debut recording of Antonín Dvořák’s Violin Concerto, stands as a modern encounter with a glorious past. more [+]

Video Journal to the new recording

On MyDG Anne-Sophie Mutter tells the unfolding story of her newest recording – Dvořák’s Violin Concerto. The great violin virtuoso is posting videos providing a behind-the-scenes view of the work that goes into preparing a new recording, with unique reflections on the composer’s world, her work as a musician and a truly personal insight into her relationship with the concerto. MoRe on mydg [+]

“Truly original, tuneful...”

The genesis of Dvorák’s Violin Concerto is complicated. Brahms had recommended the Czech composer to his own publisher, Fritz Simrock, who in the wake of the successful publication of Dvorák’s Slavonic Dances in 1879 asked the latter to write a violin concerto that was to be “truly original, tuneful and aimed at good violinists”

Anne-Sophie Mutter in conversation with Oswald Beaujean... MORE [+]

35 Years on Stage

Four publications — four world-premiere recordings

August 23, 2011 was Anne-Sophie Mutter’s 35th anniversary on stage – and Deutsche Grammophon is fêting the artist with a limited edition numbered box-set of 40 CDs comprising her entire DG recordings (and more!) from 1978 to 2010. More [+]

Gubaidulina, Mozart...

Light Games and Time Machines

Four world-premier recordings

At the same time to her 35th anniversary on stage, a new album of new music dedicated to Anne-Sophie Mutter by Wolfgang Rihm (Lichtes Spiel and Dyade), Sebastian Currier (Time Machines) and Krzysztof Penderecki (Duo concertante) – all world-premiere recordings – is being released: a further contribution to her championing of contemporary music. MORE [+]

„...not showing off”

Anne-Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis talking about the Brahms Violin Sonatas... mORE [+]


This music is immortal

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

To mark the bicentenary of Mendelssohn's birth, Anne-Sophie Mutter has been honouring the composer with a very personal tribute combining symphonic music and chamber works on CD and DVD: The Violin Sonata in F major of 1838, the Piano Trio in D minor op. 49 that was completed in 1839 and the Violin Concerto in E minor of 1845, a work which even today has lost none of its fascination. mehr [+]

Safeguarded by Sophia

Thoughts on violin concertos by Gubaidulina & Bach

In February 2007 the Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina – she was born in Chistopol in Tatarstan in 1931 and has lived in Germany since 1992 – was awarded Hamburg’s prestigious Bach Prize: as a “pioneer of contemporary classical music” who has forged a link between Eastern and Western music. Her own music has been inspired by that of Johann Sebastian Bach in more ways than one, with the result that it seemed obvious for Anne-Sophie Mutter to record two of Bach’s concertos alongside her worldpremiere recording of Gubaidulina’s most recent violin concerto, a piece dedicated to Mutter. “There is a profound spiritual affinity between Gubaidulina and Bach,”... mehr [+]

More than beautiful performances

The Mozart project

Anne-Sophie Mutter, who celebrated her 30th stage anniversary in 2006, also celebrated Mozart’s 250th anniversary in the same year with a series of new recordings of all his major works for violin. She has been dreaming of carrying out such a project ever since she first fell in love with Mozart at the age of six. mehr [+]

Back to the Future

A Resumé of the 20th Century

At the beginning of the new millennium, Anne-Sophie Mutter‘s project entitled “Back to the Future“ has drawn up a musical resumé of the 20th century. Which compositons in the violin literature will live on? Which modern works are here to stay?These are the questions that Anne-Sophie Mutter investigated in each of the five special concerts given in London, New York, Frankfurt and Stuttgart respectively during the course of spring 2000. more [+]

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