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Mutter Virtuosi Tour 2013

The world premiere of Sebastian Currier's "Ringtone Variations" for violin and double bass, a work commissioned by the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation, provided the prelude for a following Asian Tour with "Mutter Virtuosi" on June 6th in Taipei. This ensemble under the musical management of the violinist consists of 14 current and former scholarship students of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation. Following the European Tour 2011, this will be the chamber orchestra's second international concert tour.

The following video blog is currently being updated almost daily.

Doo-Min Kim and Ye-Eun Choi after the concert in Seoul (June 14th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Ye-Eun Choi and Maximilian Hornung about the first hours in Seoul (June 14th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Hwayoon Lee and Nanca Zhou about the concert and a small party after (June 13th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Wei, Max & Vladimir after the concert in Beijing (June 11th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Anne-Sophie Mutter and Ye-Eun after the concert in Tianjin (June 10th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



How to eat a Beijing Duck - by Wei Lu (June 9th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Driving to the Center of Beijing (June 9th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Ye-Eun Choi arriving in Shenzen (June 8th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Agata Szymczewska and Maximilian Hornung speak about the concert in the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center (June 8th 2013)... VIDEO [+]


With the mayor of Tainan (June 7th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Autograph session in Tainan (June 7th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Anne-Sophie Mutter about the music acoustics in the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center (June 7th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Anne-Sophie Mutter and Roman Patkolo about Ringtone Variations (June 7th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



Maximilian Hornung about broken string (June 7th 2013)... VIDEO [+]



After the first concert in Taipeh on June 6th 2013... VIDEO [+]



Warming up before the first rehearsal in Taipeh... VIDEO [+]



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